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Strange trainer of the elf world

Strange trainer of the elf world

Strange trainer of the elf world

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    Strange trainer of the elf world
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    There is a saying
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    The One Book
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2022-08-15 05:56:25
Why do the ghosts of the world disappear continuously, and why are the screams on the tower endless why does that Pipi spit out people? Wryyyy what kind of mouth addiction is it? Why does the double play a ghost why can a dream demon with a kaleidoscope use magic why does a mane rock werewolf who calls himself "Liu Peiqiang" have the collision ability of a small nuclear bomb why on earth did the four heavenly kings of the region often kneel down to worship the high tower, and why did Chihong become a talkative girl? Was that crazy blonde really a noble and dignified bamboo orchid goddess who is it? Who is it? Who on earth is playing tricks liming, who had just retired from the fog world, shook his head: "I don't know. I'm just engaged in substitute training. The spirit cultivation is too slow to fight, so I can only help me to exercise and fight in the Taoist hall. In this way, I can barely maintain the staffing of the new generation of outstanding trainers in China."

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