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Infinite origin

Infinite origin

Infinite origin

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    Infinite origin
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    Clock ion sheath
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    Daily Novel
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2022-01-19 11:53:34
In 2028, following the popularity of Japanese holographic stealth games in Japan, China's largest game operator saw business opportunities and jointly invested with many holographic stealth game companies in the world to create an unprecedented legendary game! Its name is "origin" "origin" is also a holographic stealth game, but it is different from ordinary stealth games. It contains everything in the world one year after the game was launched, the peak online rate reached 90% of the total number of humans in "origin", you can not only travel thousands of miles without leaving home, but also have online parties to discuss business. In the city, stores have been opened one by one. If you place an order and pay in the game, you will really send it home by express! Schools, lectures, lectures and other forms also try to be carried out in "origin", where you can go to any place in the world, meet any person, do any thing, and all the work that can be carried out with data has been transferred to the game of "origin" these are always additional products in the game. What players really enjoy talking about is the charm of the game itself. The growth of super free intelligent data makes the growth of each player unique, which is almost the same as the reality. The adventure experience casts the game itself this is the adventure story of a young man who left the game and returned to the game

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