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Spoiler of chat group

Spoiler of chat group

Spoiler of chat group

Rating: 9 / 10 from 22997 ratings
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    Spoiler of chat group
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    Aries Garfield
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    Only Novel
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ANZ wuergong: "newcomers join the group, what do you need to pay attention to?" empty: "newcomers run! The group's main spoiler!" spider: "it's still time to retreat!" vortex Naruto: "this is not a drill, run!!!" Takeo game: "the group's main spoiler is a very dark thing!" chennan: "Let me stop the group leader!" Xiao Yan: "don't spoilers, group leader!" anzwuergong: "??" group leader: "it's too late, anzwuergong, welcome your spoilers." Ten minutes later, ANZ ugong began to doubt his life on the throne of the great tomb of nasalek. not to pretend 13, not for good, not for beauty, but only to 'help' spoilers who are not self-interest. "people live for spoilers, and it is right to help others!" said the group leader Lin Yun.

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