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Full time tianwai swordsman

Full time tianwai swordsman

Full time tianwai swordsman

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    Full time tianwai swordsman
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    A smile, of course
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-06-29 13:38:38
Xuanyuan Honghui, a descendant of the modern Tang clan, is a self-taught hacker who uses hacker technology to create new weapons in DNF games. As a result, the DNF server resonates with the full-time Master world server and is brought to the full-time Master World by time and space. See Xuanyuan Honghui create the ultimate meaning of Swordsman in the professional alliance with Xuanyu hand and Ziji magic pupil, the unique skill of Tang clan. Tianlong Xiangshan, quadruple swallow return, tianwaifeixian. The glory alliance therefore embarks on a new journey Ye Xiu: "in terms of ruthlessness and white hands, ye Qiu would like to call Honghui the most glorious." Huang shaotian "once I thought I was the peak of swordsman, but later I found that I was far from it." Yu Wenzhou: "I still have a lot to learn about routines." Su Mucheng: "I lost my only brother that summer, but my brother's shadow has been protecting me." Tang Rou: "although Xiao Hui has always been proud and charming, I feel very cute" Chen Guo: "Xiao Hui's glory is full of blood in the Jianghu" Bao Wenxing: "one day I will become a Wulin expert like the boss"

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