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Monday with evil sauce

Monday with evil sauce

Monday with evil sauce

Rating: 9 / 10 from 32255 ratings
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    Monday with evil sauce
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    Hundred refining into war
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    Lava Novel
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2021-12-01 16:27:04
Shen Xie passed through the plane and accidentally became an evil god of disaster SHEN Xie: "I'm a good man. I'm very kind and friendly." a class a investigator who looks directly at an indescribable evil god and has retired permanently has nothing to say about it SHEN Xie: "I love peace and never want to hurt the world." researcher, looking at the extra things in the warehouse every Monday, silently looked up and let the tears flow back SHEN Xie: "I am very weak and have never cultivated any strength." 99 separations in different world, such as Superman separation, Altman separation and Sword Fairy separation, are lining up one by one to share their strength this book is also called "evil god sauce and his 99 alien separations", "upper manual of evil god sauce" and "I'm really not evil god sauce".

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