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Quadruple splitting

Quadruple splitting

Quadruple splitting

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    Quadruple splitting
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    Mountain Book
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2022-05-22 22:53:19
Suffering from atypical personality split, Mo Tan said he was under great pressure a game called "the realm of innocence" is a good place for him to reduce pressure confused and neutral, he is frivolous and reckless. He is the root and creator of countless uncontrollable events he is orderly and kind-hearted. He is tough and righteous. He is the most just knight and judge in the eyes of others he is absolutely neutral, modest and lack of motivation. He is the reflection and companion of every ordinary soul chaotic and evil, he is crazy, cruel and cold. He is a demon king and fraudster who can only be gentle to himself "Tanmo is the best bard I've ever seen, although he's a little... Hard to see." - Countess Leisha "Mo is a gentleman of noble character! Even if I've only seen him once, I know that anyone can give him his back ~" - rotten rose boss Gwen "If you need an ideal neighbor, no one is more suitable than heifan." - alchemist Luna "don't talk about that person!"

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